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We started in 1993 with an old jeep operating out of a rented garage in Cleveland’s near east side. The idea was pretty simple. We’d supply really good tea brewing equipment, really, really good tea products and even better service to local food service operations. If we were on our game, our customers could maximize beverage profits, boost images (at least among tea drinkers) and make it all hassle free for owners.


Having owned or operated several restaurants by then, from my perspective good service hinged on good relationships. Or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, that simple idea from fifteen plus years ago has evolved to a more comprehensive beverage program. We still offer great teas and spectacular service but we’ve since added our own line of in-house fresh -roasted coffee and espresso to our repertoire.


Also the idea of good relationships has evolved into good partnerships. We figure that our success forever depends on the success of our partner/customers. Our relationships are what get us up in the morning. We’ll be the most hands on vendor you’ll ever meet


So please take a look around. When it comes to helping our partners with teas and coffee systems we think we’re pretty good. Let us know how we can help or what you think.


Joe Deinhart

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Sure, our success depends on customers and yes, their success does depend in part on the quality of our products. However, the real picture is our ability to present the whole beverage package.

We understand that you can get pretty good coffee and tea just about anywhere. But it’s rare to get a whole beverage program in one place. We like to tell people that Solstice is really a service company that happens to have outstanding coffee, tea and espresso products.


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